Bakkwoodz Band Returns to Wayneo’s Silver Bullet – Bakkwoodz Silver Bullet

Bakkwoodz Silver Bullet

Bakkwoodz Silver Bullet

Hickory, NC – One of Gaston Counties award winning bands, Bakkwoodz Band returns to the ‘Bullet Stage’ Saturday, December 16th. The first set of 3 one hour sets starts at 9pm with the last set finishing at 1am. Bakkwoodz Silver Bullet – Dont Forget Play FREE POOL ALL NIGHT LONG

Bakkwoodz is the former Gaston Country Entertainer of the year and has been playing gigs for the better part of a decade.

The doors open at Wayneo’s Silver Bullet at 7:30pm and close at 1:30am. The cover charge for members is $7 and their guest $10. Wayneo’s is a 21+ establishment. Bakkwoodz Silver Bullet

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