Darrell Harwood LIVE in Hickory, NC @ Wayneo’s Silver Bullet

Darrell Harwood at Wayneo's Silver Bullet

Hickory, NC – Making a much anticipated return, Darrell Harwood hits the Bullet Stage Saturday, Feb 2nd. Doors open at 730PM. 21+

Who is Darrell Harwood? 
A hard working common man? A natural born entertainer? 
Darrell Harwood is both. 
Darrell was born and raised in the small town of China Grove, North Carolina 
– where he still lives today – and was already working as an electrician before 
graduating South Rowan High School in 1990. As for “hard working,” 
Darrell’s drive and determination earned him a job with Carolina Products, 

a company that manufactures custom electrical panels, where he quickly 
became Lead Production Manager. This same drive and determination carried 
over to his love of entertaining. He is considered by all to be a very talented 
and valued member of the community. 
Darrell’s life as a successful entertainer and singer is outshined only by his 

first love: being a husband and father. He married his wife Karen in 1996, 
and they share the joy of their two daughters, Tayler 12, and Sarrah, 9. 
Nothing is more important to Darrell than his family. 
The “show biz bug” bit Darrell early. In the ‘70’s, his father played in a local 
band he called the “Cool Water Band” and had an entertainment company that booked local dates. Occasionally, Darrell would go out with his dad and get up and sing a couple of songs. Soon Darrell’s performances created a 

buzz and people started booking him for private shows. He grew more 
comfortable performing, and bands began to approach him. A bittersweet twist of fate eventually brought Darrell to where he is today. 
In late 2009, Darrell’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. A benefit concert was arranged and Darrell performed at the show, along with his 

father and a few close friends. The overwhelming success of that concert 
proved what people had been saying all along: Darrell Harwood is a natural born entertainer. After this single benefit concert, it became evident that Darrell was meant to perform. He immediately began to form his band and start rehearsals.